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Recognising the REAL Product

Imitation is, of course, the best form of flattery, but for our customers—for you—it’s bad news. We want to ensure you have the real product that is not only able to deliver quality, consistent results, but is safe to use.

So, when purchasing Windmill Potato Starch or other products, look for authorized dealers (link to dealer/ agent page) across the country. Each bag has our QR code to guarantee that you’ve bought the read deal—be sure to scan the QR code every time, as imposter brands have even tried to copy our QR codes.

windmill potatostarch authenticityscanqr

How to check the authenticity of a Windmill™ product?

windmill potatostarch authenticitycode1
1. Scan the QR code
windmill potatostarch authenticitycode1
2. Confirm whether the number shown in your phone screen is the same as the one embeded on the bag
windmill potatostarch authenticitycode1
3. The system will check and confirm the authenticity of the product


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