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chinese heritage

It was a beautiful spring day in May 1948 when a happy accident occurred to two Chinese entrepreneurs. Mr Lam and Mr Chan came across : a potato starch produced by the Dutch-based agricultural raw materials and ingredients company, Meelunie. Though potato starch wasn’t traditionally used in Chinese cuisine, both men let their curiosity get the best of them and started experimenting with it in their own kitchens.

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So, what happened?

Cantonese cuisine that was profoundly enhanced, thanks to the viscosity and transparency of our amazing Dutch potatoes, the source of our starch. Quickly, it became clear that this starch was ideal for Chinese sauces and dishes, adding distinctive texture and structure to local delicacies.

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Soon after these experiments produced such unexpected and wonderful improvements, restaurants began using the potato starch in their own cuisines, becoming the first batch of restaurants in China to use the product. In no time, it became official: the word was now out with Windmill’s reputation spreading throughout the country and into an array of typical Chinese dishes.

And before anyone could guess, Windmill became synonymous with quality starch. Now, more than half a century later, it’s still the most beloved and widely used potato starch of China’s most famous and celebrated restaurants. We’ve been around long enough to be trusted by your grandfather, but are still cool enough to help you be innovative in your own kitchen.

our Windmill and Dutch roots

We’re extremely proud of our Windmill because it’s where everything started. It symbolises our Dutch roots and heritage.

Built in 1867, the original windmill – named the Wielinga-Stam – is located in the small northern town of Joure, near the sea where the soil was and still is ideal for growing high-quality potatoes.

The Wielinga-Stam milled the potatoes which were processed into the potato starch we have now come to know and love as Windmill.


Windmill our farmers


Founded in The Netherlands in 1867, Meelunie began with a team of growers and millers of Dutch wheat and potatoes. As the world’s population grew, so did the demand for quality foods, feed and non-food ingredients for infinite uses.

Today, Meelunie is a leading global supplier of starches, sweeteners and plant-based proteins.

Our product range covers a wide variety of food, animal nutrition and industrial applications, including trusted brands such as Windmill Potato Starch, alongside an ever- growing range of organic products. Though our most valuable ‘brand’ remains the Meelunie name itself, our portfolio also includes some globally popular product brand names, most notably Windmill and Promill.

As a global company, we have offices spread over five continents and export to over 100 countries. But we’re so much more than a supplier—far beyond it, in fact. From risk management to multi-sourcing, quality assurance to tailor-made supply chains, we draw on 150 years of experience to develop comprehensive solutions designed to meet your specific needs with first-class service at every step of the way. We are here for you, so let us know how can help you!